The Bridge in Between Two Halves

Born in California but living under two views of culture, I’ve faced myself to a wall that confronts me with the question: Where Are You From? In response, I encourage people to engage in a space that’s not quite Chinese or not quite American, to think outside of first glances and hear stories within their original and updated book of recipes. Coming from a background of Cantonese parents, my childhood filled up with stories from my elders about their lives in China and their lessons that rooted within them coming into America but as I grew up, these stories got lost through translation. Overtime my mind developed this interweaving conversation in between language barriers and cultural differences which grounds a mixture of hyphens and uncertainty. Smudged like the ghostly grey area between writing and pink pearl erasers, my work magnifies and reclaims this world that I called the “in between” to show the duality I face being born Chinese albeit, living as an American. Ultimately, creating a voice through my works to shape the heart of my own language.

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